The Lord's Table

Holy Communion is the Lord’s own institution whereby His people participate in the saving benefits of His body and blood (I Corinthians 9: 16). Regular observance of this sacrament is encouraged by scriptural precedent.  We ordinarily observe the Lord’s Table on the first Sunday of each month.

For monthly mediations on the Lord's Table to help reflect on and prepare for partaking, click here.

The Love Feast

Every other month, Providence follows Communion with a Christian Love Feast reminiscent of the practice of the early church (I Corinthians 10:16). This potluck meal is a time to rejoice in our common salvation and to fellowship together as a church.

Communion/Love Feast Schedule

Our approximate schedule is

  • First Sunday in January
  • First Sunday in February, followed by a Love Feast
  • First Sunday in March (unless Easter falls in March)
  • Easter Sunday, followed by a Love Feast
  • First Sunday in May
  • First Sunday in June, followed by a Love Feast
  • First or second Sunday in July, depending on when Independence Day falls
  • First Sunday in August
  • The Sunday in September that falls after Labor Day, followed by a Love Feast
  • First Sunday in October
  • Second or third Sunday in November--Commitment Sunday--followed by a Love Feast
  • First Sunday in December

Please see our calendar for the most updated schedule.

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