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Matthew 26:6-13 (March 15, 2020)

A close look at an extraordinary demonstration of love and honor that Jesus says will be memorialized wherever His Gospel is taught.  Mary of Bethany's extravagant anointment of Jesus with ointment is a poignant reminder of the Passion week that was about to begin.


Guidelines from Galilee, Part 9: James 1:22-25 (March 8, 2020)

Almost half of the instances of the phrase "doer of the word" come from this passage, and James's stark conclusion is that people who are attentive listeners and that seek after hearing teaching, but don't act on the hearing are deluding themselves.  A fitting conclusion to this series on living the righteous life.

Guidelines from Galilee, Part 8: James 1:21b (March 1, 2020)

James alludes to one of Jesus's earlier parables - the parable of the sower - and exhorts his readers to welcome the word with meekness.  A review of the responses laid out by Jesus in the parable show us how consistent humility in receiving the word of Truth is what can save our souls.


Guidelines from Galilee, Part 7: James 4:1-10 (February 23, 2020)

Surprisingly, the idea of "Grace" is very rare with the Galileans.  Therefore, James's use of it in this passage calls for close analysis.  God's grace is given in greater measure than the envy of the spirit inside us, but it requires us to humbly seek it from Him.


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