Thinking of Visiting?

Visiting a new church can be daunting.  To help make the process easier for our visitors, we answer some of the common questions that first-time visitors may have.  Detailed information about what we believe can be accessed at other places on this site.  We encourage you to explore the site and learn about Providence.  

What Brings People to Providence

First, here is a brief intro video featuring some of our members:


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common practical questions and answers as they pertain to Providence:

+ Where is Providence?

We are located at 1665 Fernwood-Glendale Road in Spartanburg, SC.  Check us out on Google Maps.

+ When do you Worship?

Every Sunday morning at 9:30AM.  For more information aboout how we worship, see our Worship Page.

+ What is the difference between the Sunday Morning and Evening Services?

The Sunday morning service is a Worship service.  For more details, see our Worship page.

The Evening service consists of an assembly followed by age-appropriate Discipleship classes (September - May). See our Ministries page for more information.

+ Can I bring my Children into Worship?

We invite families to worship together, as a transgenerational congregation.  For more information, please see our Children at Church page.

An adult-supervised nursery is provided for children under 4.

+ How long does the typical service take?

Our typical worship service lasts 90 minutes.  For a look at our usual order of worship, click here.

Connect with Providence:

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