Children at Church

By the time children reach preschool they (ordinarily) are intentionally included in morning worship with their families. God promises to meet with His chosen people, and His presence is a certain incentive for the very young to join their parents with Him in public worship. Experience has taught us that children—especially those nurtured by regular family worship—profit exceedingly, too, from the means of grace in word and sacrament.”


Covenant Family

Providence entirely endorses the Westminster Confession of Faith’s teaching on marriage and divorce (Chapter 24). Further, as the Confession teaches, the church consists of believers and their children (Chapter 25). Therefore, as God initiates His covenant of grace with families, Providence strives by scriptural oversight and the means of grace to support and edify the covenant families entrusted to our care. We encourage prompt covenant baptism of children, immediate parental responsibility for their children’s education and discipline, and the regular practice of family worship.

Discipleship Classes

On Sunday nights, Providence provides children the opportunity of learning Biblical truth from experienced and capable teachers. Each age group has a class dedicated to their individual needs.

  1. Nursery for infants and toddlers.
  2. Two-year-old class
  3. Three and four-year-old discipleship class
  4. K5 through 3rd grade, Children's Choir
  5. 4th through 6th grade, Catechism class
  6. 12 years old and up, Communicant's Class
  7. Junior High/ High School Young Men's and Ladies' Classes

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