Advent Series 2017


The Suffering Servant: Wretched Humiliation and Glorious Exultation

This Five-part series is an examination of the final Song of the Suffering Servant in the Book of Isaiah. Each message includes a detailed look at one of the stanzas from this prophetic song.  Biblical scholars searched the scriptures to discover who Isaiah was describing, but it wasn't until Jesus came that a definitive answer was given.  


Stanza One (Isaiah 52:13-15)

In Stanza One, the striking comparison between the exalted servant and the humiliated servant is introduced: He will be lifted high and yet be so disfigured that He won't be recognized.  His life and ministry will cause Kings to be speechless.


Stanza Two

In Stanza Two, the ordinary roots of the Suffering Servant are examined.  Unlike David, He showed little potential for greatness and would be passed over because of his common looks.  Also, a glimpse into the painful struggle that the "Man of Sorrows" had to endure by being a holy being surrounded by sin and iniquity.


Stanza Three

In Stanza Three, bearing the sins of others, He will be pierced through in death, crushed, chastened, and wounded.  The LORD will cause the iniquity of His people to fall on Him.


Stanza Four

In Stanza Four, the Servant will submit to suffering in silence and be struck down in death.  He will be buried in shame and in honor.


Stanza Five

In Stanza Five, the Servant will accomplish God's will. He - as the righteous One - will justify many and ever live again to intercede for them.

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